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Product Details

Agriline Tractor Radiator 5046 is a bestselling product suitable for the Fordson Dexta. Item replaces OEM 81805483, 957E8005.

Supplied With Radiator Drain Tap.

If You Require A Radiator Cap, Please Order Part No. 5182

High quality copper and brass construction.

4 Row. 
A radiator core is made up of tubes that carry the coolant, and fins that are placed between the tubes to increase air contact surface area to support heat dissipation. ‘Rows’ are the lines of tubes from the front face of the core to the back. 3 lines of tubes are found in a 3-row radiator

Overall Height: 517mm
Overall Width: 415mm
Overall Depth: 65mm
Inlet Diameter: 45mm
Outlet Diameter: 32mm

Replacing a leaking radiator is simple. Once you have removed the necessary panels to gain access to the radiator, it is a case of disconnecting pipe work and then removing various retaining bolts. The replacement radiator is the same size and shape as the original therefore everything simply bolts back into place and reconnects before returning the body panels. 

This is much simpler, quicker and cheaper than the alternative which is to replace the leaking core. This would entail sourcing a new core, still removing the old radiator, enlisting the services a specialist to remove the leaking core and solder in the new one, before finally being able to re-install.

When fitting your new radiator, it is recommended you replace the 2 rubber mounting pads to minimise vibration which could eventually lead to cracks and other damage. For Rubber Mounting Pads, use Agriline part code 6208 – you will need 2 pieces to perfectly fit your radiator.

When installed, your radiator will need to be filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze. Generally, a 50/50 mix is suitable for more moderate climates where the temperature gets below freezing only on occasion. For 5 Litre Antifreeze, use Agriline part code A-622.

For Hose Kit, use either Agriline part number 101-Kit.

Replacement Fan Cowl made in the UK is Agriline part number 5481.

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